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My copywriting skills enable me to  produce text that fires the imagination, stimulates interest, and gets people talking…

When people read well-written text they’re inspired by it. They walk away saying ‘Wow, I didn’t know that…’ or ‘Did you read the bit about…?’.

Text can have just as much impact as a beautiful watercolour map, a dramatic historic illustration or a high-tech interactive.

PLB have commissioned Cathy Lewis to undertake scriptwriting for several large projects. Her input is especially valuable where the subject matter is quite complex, such as the Tank Museum in Bovington, where she was able to make the text engaging for younger audiences and families. She is a great addition to any project team.”

Jamie McCall, Creative Director, PLB Projects

top-tipsPack a punch in the first paragraph. If visitors only read the first paragraph of your panel, will they take away a relevant message? (Tip 2/10)