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School Writing Workshops

I’ve run successful creative writing workshops in schools as part of several projects, engaging children from infant to secondary level.

Wild Things

I’ve taken the Wild Things children’s books into schools, with artist Tony Kerins. We talk about our roles in producing books, before encouraging the children to create their own ‘wild things’, using written descriptions and drawings.

Canals are cool!

I ran a series of workshops for Key Stage 1-2 pupils at a junior school in Wolverhampton on behalf of British Waterways. The children were involved in producing interpretive material for their local canal, and the workshops were designed to engender interest, and help them to write creatively about canals and canal people.

The children really responded to the idea of creating their own ‘wild things’ and talked about it long after the visit. Cathy has a lovely, natural manner with them, and they immediately engaged with her.”

 Sarah Bayliss, Literacy Co-ordinator, Netley Abbey Junior School

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