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Ain’t misbehaving! I’m enjoying the countryside…

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New interpretation panel at Golden Cap encourages family fun

When did you last roly-poly down a hill? Or climb a tree? These are some of the things that the National Trust wants you to do when you visit the countryside. And we’ve just produced an interpretation panel to prove it.

But it made me think. When I started with the Trust over 20 years ago, we did want visitors to come to the countryside – but they were expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Like staying on foot paths. Being quiet so as not to disturb the wildlife. And definitely not climbing trees, heaven forbid!

That was a long, long time ago. Now the Trust’s campaign ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ encourages families to go wild in the countryside!

Sadly, my daughters are now late teens, and way beyond messing in mud and building dens (unless it’s at a festival, of course). So I’ll have to wait until the grandchildren come along before I can do the fun, exhilarating, action stuff at Trust sites.

Or do I…?

I’ve just read an article in my National Trust Magazine. Many sites are now promoting action adventure opportunities like canoeing, coasteering, surfing and wild swimming.  Fun for grown-ups with or without children. Count me in…!

Aug 2013


Wet and wild fun – coasteering with the National Trust