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Fossils fast-forward to the 21st century

tiny ammonite

a tiny shimmering bronze ammonite, no bigger than a thumbnail

I’m now helping bring the Jurassic Coast’s fossils firmly into the 21st century.

My role is to co-ordinate the production of an online database to showcase the amazing fossils held by museums along the Jurassic Coast. Each of the entries will include a photograph of the fossil, key information, and fascinating facts to appeal to children and adults alike.

My knowledge of fossils is limited, but I’m working with a fantastic team of geologists, curators and volunteers from the museums, as well as Richard Edmonds, Jurassic Coast Earth Science Manager.

Part of my role will be to ensure that we tell stories way beyond the dry geological facts. The geologists have already wowed me with everything from exquisite starfish and elegant ammonites, to dinosaur teeth marks, perfectly-preserved crocodile jaws, and even pre-historic poo!

With 1,500 fossils to include, it’s going to be a challenge. Let’s hope I haven’t turned into an old fossil by the end of it…!

 ammonites rock

A rock embedded with beautiful ammonites. Hard to believe that our seas were once crowded with these strange squid-like creatures.

Oct 2013